Learn all about sapphires, emeralds, rubies and semi-precious gemstones. Discover interesting facts about your favorite gemstones, and learn all about gemstone cuts, clarity, color and more.



Sapphire Facts


Where do sapphires come from? How did they get their name? What colors are available?


Emerald Facts


How hard are emeralds? Which month is emerald birthstone month? What shades do they come in?


Ruby Facts


Where are rubies found? What celebrations are traditionally celebrated with rubies?


Gemstone Size


Understand the connection between carat weight and the dimension of your gemstones.


Gemstone Color


Learn about the range of gemstone colors. Find out the difference between hue, tone and saturation.


Gemstone Clarity


Everything will become clear when you read all about gemstone clarity.


Emerald Care


Proper care and cleaning of emerald gemstones.


Birthstones Guide


A brief guide that covers each month and the stone traditionally associated with it.


Gemstone Enhancements


Find out about the enhancements and treatments accepted as standard practice by the jewelry industry.


Pigeon Blood Ruby


Discover the beauty and power of vivid rubies.