Loose Gemstones

When you buy gemstones from our collection, you are investing in all-natural
and untreated stones that retain their value.
Explore our stunning collection and enjoy our gemstones wholesale prices
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Gemstones by Color


When you look into jewelry gemstones for sale, you will realize they span the rays of the rainbow. They are literal eye-candy that stimulate all your senses. Get to know what each color represents and the value it holds. Enjoy looking through our extensive catalog of various gemstones in all colors, shapes, and sizes




Most people think of sapphires when they want a blue gem. But there are many blue gemstones in the market like tourmaline, aquamarine, tanzanite, topaz, labradorite, etc. Don’t limit your choices and explore other stones.



When you think of green gemstones, emeralds come to mind. But you’ve got other beautiful green stones like bloodstone, quartz, tourmaline, aventurine, diopside, and more.



Of all the red gemstones, nothing will be more famous than the ruby, the July birthstone. The fiery color is a stunner. Enjoy other precious stones in red like garnet, carnelian, coral, and manik.



Stay attuned to your feminine side with girlish pink gemstones. We’ve got rare pink sapphires, gorgeous rose quarts, stunning pink topaz, gorgeous malaya garnet, and more.