How to Get Her Ring Size - Without Her Knowing

Surprising the love of your life with a beautiful diamond engagement ring is a wonderful way to take the relationship to the next level. Nothing ruins that surprise faster, however, than finding out the hard way the ring selected just doesn’t fit. Fortunately, there are some rather sneaky ways to determine her ring size without necessarily letting on that you’re going to pop the question.

Take Her Shopping for Someone Else

If you want to be 100 percent sure the ring selected will fit her, take her shopping for your mother, sister or another female that is close to you. Be sure to have her try on less spectacular rings than engagement solitaries, but this exercise is sure to give you the insight you need to select just the right size when you buy a setting.

You may also find this little excursion helps you get a better feel for the types of settings she likes so you can design your own ring using high-quality stones from an online jeweler.

The only downside here is you might find yourself having to buy your mom a ring, but that could be a bonus if her birthday or a special holiday is around the corner.

Trace One of Her Rings

Chances are your lady love wears rings now. If so, check out her jewelry box for a ring you know she wears on her ring finger so you can trace it to match the size.
If she never takes the ring she wears on her left hand off, get even sneakier by offering to clean her jewelry for her. This will make you look like a helpful rock star while giving you an opportunity to make the tracing.

Ring Sizers

Another option would be to secretly check one of her rings against a ring sizer. 

Ask One of Her Friends

Your lady’s girlfriends, mother or sisters may hold the answer you seek. If you can trust someone close to her not to let the cat out of the bag, ask them for help. Chances are one of them will know her size right off the top of their heads. If not, they can be enlisted to assist in finding it out without necessarily as being as conspicuous as you might be.