Colombian Emeralds

What Makes Them So Popular?




When it comes to rich coloration, beauty and perfection, Columbia emeralds are one of the top choices in the world, rivaled only by highly comparable Zambian emeralds. While these beautiful green precious stones are found in locations around the world, Columbia is responsible for the largest share of production in the world today followed by Zambia.

So, what makes stones from Colombia an excellent choice for emerald engagement rings and other designs?


This May birthstone offers a diversity of options in the shade department. While most people think of rich, deep green when emeralds are mentioned, this stunning stone is more versatile than that. In fact, soft green, grass green and even light green are all options for emerald rings and other designs. Colombian emeralds are noted for their deep green color while their Zambian counterparts are favored by those desiring a stunning bluish-green stone. Both deliver in the beauty department equally well.

While this precious stone is among the most popular for jewelry settings, emerald prices tend to be a bit lower than their diamond counterparts. Keep in mind, however, that the purest of emeralds – those with a vivid green color and a concentrated, pure hue – can fetch a rather high price.

Fast Facts About Colombian Emeralds

Whether you want to design your own engagement ring with an emerald centerpiece or you’re interested in giving one as a gift for a May birthday, here are some interesting facts about these precious stones:

  1. Emeralds are fairly strong – These stones rate between a 7.5 and 8 on the Mohs scale of hardness. While that does put them behind a diamond’s 10 and the 9 enjoyed by rubies and sapphires, they are rather durable, but can be chipped or scratched if not handled with some care.
  2. Emeralds are often treated – To compensate for any weaknesses while improving color and eliminating visible imperfections, it is standard jewelry industry policy to treat emeralds with a green-tinted oil to enhance their resilience and brilliance. If an emerald is vivid naturally, jewelers may simply use a colorless oil to reinforce strength while removing imperfections.
  3. Emeralds are traditional gifts – This precious stone is associated with magic and mystery. Since it is the quintessential color of nature, it is believed to promote a calm and peaceful spirit, as well. Inasmuch, emeralds have long been given as gifts, especially to those with May birthdays and those celebrating their 20th or 35th wedding anniversaries.

If it’s time to buy a stunning jewelry design, emeralds are an excellent centerpiece choice. These rich green stones are among the most sought after in the world and have long been considered precious courtesy of their inherent beauty.